Proximity Mobile Marketing with the Royaltie Gem
(Marlin Brownell Royaltie Affiliate)

The Royaltie Gem proximity beacon can reach up to 60% of everyone around you with your marketing message and you never have to say a word. You could be in a crowded mall or sports stadium and by using the Royaltie Gem communicate with prospects and potential new customers automatically. That is the power of the Royaltie Gem Proximity Broadcasting Unit!

You can Broadcast to all Bluetooth enabled android devices within a 100 yard range.

Android phone owners receive a simple notification that has a 40 character message and live link to your facebook page, website, or lead capture and follow up system.

The absolute best passive prospecting and advertising tool is now available to every business regardless of size.

A new technology for a new time!

Did you know that Android Devices Make up 60% of the mobile phone market in North America?

  • Proximity Broadcasting is Geo-Location at its very best.
  • Your potential clients don’t have to download anything to receive your messages. What is needed is already built into every Android device!

To receive messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on.

  • This is a broadcast message not a text, email or push notification so it does not annoy or disrupt the receiver or violate any spam laws.
  • We give you a tiny wireless device called a beacon.
  • You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast.
  • The beacon sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone.

Click HERE to See How the Royaltie Gem Works!

Why use the Royaltie Gem?

Proximity Marketing is the hottest new trend in digital marketing for business. This tech has up to this point only been available to large retailers and corporations.

Who is using Proximity Marketing?

Some of the largest retailers such as:

Rite Aid
Urban Outfitters
American Eagle Outfitters
Oscar Mayer
Neiman Marcus
Best Buy
Kenneth Cole

And many More…

What is Proximity Marketing?

It is localized wireless distribution of advertising content usually associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so. Using beacons that communicate with the consumer’s phone, consumers can receive product information, coupons, and other relevant content directly on their smartphone.

Want more info?
Watch the 10 min training video below. 

Just a Note about the company called Royaltie. It’s not Royalty, Royalty Gem, or Royalty Gem with a y. It is Royaltie with an ie. Royaltie is the company that provides the Gem and has an affiliate program.

Use the Royaltie Gem for Retail, Brick & Mortar, Fixed Location

 Imagine how amazing it would be to send a greeting or special offer to everyone who enters your location, sent straight to their smartphone.

The possibilities are endless…

Accounting Service
Animal Shelter
Art Gallery
Auto Body Shop
Auto Dealer
Auto Repair
Auto Parts
Auto Rental
Bank / Credit Union
Beauty Salon / Day Spa

Bed & Breakfast
Bike Store
Book Store
Bowling Alley
Child Care
Clothing Store
Coffee Shop
Computer Store
Convenience Store
Department Store

Dry Cleaning / Laundry
Electronics Store
Employment Agency
Furniture Store
Garden Store
Gas Station
Golf Course
Grocery Store
Hair Salon
Hardware Store
Health Club

Hobby Shop
Hotel / Motel
Ice Cream Shop
Insurance Agency
Jewelry Store
Medical Clinic
Motorcycle Dealer
Movie Theater
Music Store
Nail Salon
Office Equipment Store

Pet Store
Restaurant / Café
Self Storage
Shoe Store
Sporting Goods Store
Tire Shop
Toy Store
Travel Agency
Veterinary Care

Using the Royaltie Gem means Proximity Marketing can now go with you wherever you go.

Get Started with Royaltie GemDon’t have a fixed location? NO PROBLEM! Any business can use the Royaltie Gem for proximity marketing.

You can carry the beacon in your pocket or in your vehicle and broadcast a marketing message or promote your brand wherever you go.

The opportunities are endless.

Professionals, Salespeople, Marketers

If your business is on the move, your marketing should follow you.

Real Estate Agents
Insurance Agents
Financial Services
Network Marketing
Trade Shows

Service Companies & Service Providers

Broadcast from your vehicle and everywhere you go, everyone around will know who you are and what you have to offer.

Carpet Cleaners

Pricing for Proximity Marketing with Royaltie GEM

The Royaltie Gem is battery powered and lasts up to two years. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. Just take it out of the box, set up your online dashboard, and activate the units. Once you enter your marketing message and links you’re up and running! Messages can be changed as often as you like.

Single GEM

1 GEM (Broadcast Unit)

$25per month*
  • *Plus a $30 one time account activation fee (paid per account not per gem).

Referred by: Marlin Brownell

3 GEM Pak

3 GEMS (Broadcast Units)

$49per month*
  • *Plus a $30 one time account activation fee (paid per account not per gem).

Referred by: Marlin Brownell

Each Additional GEM

Each Additional GEM

$12per month*
  • *Once you have an account with at least 3 gems then each additional gem is just $12 per month.

Referred by: Marlin Brownell

You can make an incredible income as a Royaltie GEM affiliate!

Affiliate Program

The Royaltie Affiliate Compensation Plan

View the Royaltie Compensation Plan
(click on the image to view larger)

The Royaltie Compensation plan is based on total monthly recurring Team Subscription Revenue. Affiliates are paid at tiers based onTeam Subscription Revenue in a month.

As your team’s total subscription revenue grows, you will receive larger and larger monthly payments.  These payments will continue for as long as you maintain the required amount of monthly revenue at each Gem Level, and you remain compliant with Royaltie’s Affiliate Agreement.

What is Team Subscription Revenue

Your Team includes your personal customers or affiliates plus your affiliate’s personal customers or affiliates.

Subscription revenue is the monthly amount your Customers pay for their Gems.  It does not include one-time fees for Shipping or Account Activation.

Earn commissions on sales of GEM units!

Royaltie offers a lucrative compensation plan for affiliates who sell the GEM units to other businesses or individuals.

This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing. You don’t have to recruit or meet any sales minimums.

There is no cost to become an Affiliate, other than just purchasing your personal Gems.

Marlin Brownell Royaltie Affiliate

Royaltie Affiliate - Marlin Brownell

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