Search Engine Optimization РSEO Steps

In a summary this is what we do for clients when we perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

BASIC Search Engine Optimization – SEO

#1 – Build Relevance
Write Unique Content

We generate quality optimized content with a specific goal of providing information about a specific targeted topic.


Enhanced Search Engine Optimization – SEO

#2 – Build Authority
Promote The Website

We generate Expanded Content & Consistent Website Expansion (BLOG / NEWSLETTER), Develop Related Links


Expanded Search Engine Optimization – SEO

#3 – Build Brand
Multiply the Reach

Online Directories, Google Maps, Google Local, Google+, YouTube, Display Ads

#4 – Build Reputation
Online Reviews & Social Media

Get Customer Reviews and Get Referral Traffic through Social Media


About our Basic SEO Service:

Our Basic SEO service is step #1 only…
We build the SEO optimized site, monitor the keyword searches, adjust the content as needed.

On a monthly basis we monitor Google ranking position for specific keywords, evaluate keyword performance and adjust text on the site as needed. That alone does not build immediate Authority, Brand and Reputation. Ranking Improvement will happen over time but may be slow.


As a website ages over time it will gain some authority from longevity and ranking will improve in search. It won’t happen for every site but in some cases it can happen by just letting the site age.

#1 is the foundation for the other 3 steps.

If SEO Results (Measured by Ranking & Traffic) are not acceptable the solution is to do more work on the website. We will need to implement steps #2 through #4…