Additional Marketing Services We Offer

Trade Show Design

FMM designs trade show displays for businesses. This includes:

  • the floor plan
  • placement of display kiosk, banners, literature racks, tables, etc.
  • incorporation of photos and graphics
  • banner design
  • design of brochures, fliers, sell sheets, and publicity materials
  • design of promotional give-a-way items
  • design of clothing for the staff

Trade Show Display Design

Graphic Design

FMM can meet all of your graphic design needs, not only for publication, but for:

Print Brochures

  • company logos
  • banners
  • website
  • video production
  • clothing
  • business cards
  • CD/DVD Covers, Inlays, Sleeves
  • posters
  • stickers

Graphic Design is not a stand-alone service, but is incorporated into all of the ways we serve our clients. Since most of the ways we help clients involves ‘visual’ aspects, graphic design is at the heart of how we promote your business. – Click here to go to our Graphic Design page.

YouTube Content Management

FMM can manage your YouTube content, both in creation of media and uploading to YouTube. If your business does not have a YouTube channel, we can create one for you.

Laptop Presentations

Laptop presentations can be created for your sales force to use in the field. Laptop presentations can also be made for use at trade shows.

DVD Production

FMM does its own DVD production, including custom color printing of DVD faces. Custom covers, sleeves and multi-DVD cases can also be designed and printed.

Training Videos

Training videos can save a lot of time and expense when speakers and/or attendees do not have travel expenses. FMM produces quality training videos that can be changed in the future if an item or two needs to be updated. Video tutorials and instructional videos are also wise financial choices.

Lobby Displays

FMM produces media presentations that can be played is business’s lobby. Videos and slideshows are the most common formats.