Social Media / E-newsletter Marketing

Social Media

The Web is not a place to look for information, it has become the only place.

When you understand what your market is looking for and where they are looking, you know how to reach them.

When your customers and prospective customers are interacting about your industry or products and services, you need to be there, listening, so you understand their problems and needs.

Your business exists to:

  • Create Value
  • Attract a Market who Wants or Needs the Value
  • Engage the Market in a Transaction

“Pull Marketing” is definitely better than “Push Marketing”. You now have the ability to BECOMING media. When engage in social media, you naturally embrace a pull strategy and attract attention from all other types of media – both professional and amateur.

We at FMM help you use social media to form the right relations and do so the right way. It is more than “collecting” people via connections and followers. Merely collecting people does not mean you are creating valuable relations that are relative and relevant to your business. Your goal is not to spam people through your social networking accounts or blog post.

Consider these truths about Social Media:

  • The people you do business with are online somewhere.
  • The knowledge you need about markets and people are online.
  • You can reach your market by engaging in the right conversations with the right people, in a way that is more effective than advertising.
  • If people cannot find your business online, you are ignoring your market while your competition does not.
  • Social media is the new communications system. Based on relational dynamics between people, it lets you effectively communicate with your market in human, rather than institutional terms.
  • If you use social media correctly, for the right things, it saves you time and money.

People used to look in the yellow pages when they needed something. Today they turn to search engines to find what they need or want. Google gets used millions of times every day.

People go online to find out what other people think or say about a product, service or brand. The main thing that influences their buying behavior is other people’s conversation – including yours. You need to make sure they can find your conversation and that it provides value people are looking for.

Strategy is needed, or social media can be a waste of time. In other words, think before you tweet, post, blog, etc. Do not make statements about updating, then fail to do it. Do not ignore your blog, twitter account or Facebook page.

When you utilize the power of social media correctly, it will help improve your search results in Google. It can showcase your services and products.

Use social media to:

  • chat about your services and products
  • share advice related to your business
  • listen to your customers
  • drive visitors to your homepage
  • encourage people to comment, reply to a survey or use a coupon
  • know what is being said about you (and your competitors)
  • see news related to your industry
  • share helpful information

At FMM, we will help you develop the best strategy for using social media to promote your business.