Business Video Production


Corporate & Business Video Production

Clients rely on us in a variety of ways. Some come to us with nothing more than a target audience and a message to convey.

Other clients simply need production services and appreciate the ease with which we integrate into their team.

Efficiently produced videos that meet the client’s professional vision, on time and on budget.

Commercials & Promotional Videos

We will work with you to create a quality video product that hits your key message points with style and substance. In this economy, the need to expand your target audience and grow your business in a digital world is essential. Foremost Marketing and Media, with our extensive promotional and business background, will work with you to create a video that will excite and intrigue your client base and drive new customers to your business.

Medical and Cosmetic Video Production

Medical videos are important and underutilized tools for patient education. Although they do not replace one-on-one doctor-patient communication, medical videos can improve understanding and awareness among patients. These videos can be shown either in-office or on the web.

Website and Online Marketing Video Production

This popular medium takes video into the homes and offices of the people you are trying to reach. Whether the videos enhance your existing website or you upload the videos to a public host server, we can help you expand your promotional reach.

The longer FMM works for a client, the more video footage and photos become available for use in future productions. After the first 2-3 video projects, unless the subject matter is entirely different, part of the footage needed is already on hand. Intros and extros for the videos will have already been made and logos will have already been sized.  Production takes fewer hours after the initial video productions are made.

FMM produces videos for any and all of the following needs:

  • Commercials
  • Website Videos
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Social Media
  • YouTube
  • Lobby Monitor Displays
  • Laptop Presentations by Sales Staff
  • DVD Distribution
  • Testimonials by Satisfied Customers
  • FAQ’s
  • ‘How-To’ Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Customized Video Tutorials to Train Employees

Style and Equipment

FMM ‘tells the story’ and conveys the message of clients’ products and services in a contemporary, tightly edited and well-paced video style. Video footage is shot on professional video cameras in high definition, 16:9 (widescreen) digital (tapeless) format.

FMM works with clients to pre-plan video shoots to obtain footage that can be used in future video productions. These videos, each with a different subject matter or emphasis, multiply the potential for prospective customers to see the clients’ services.

Video Editing

FMM uses artistic editing techniques to combine establishing shots, close-ups, scene changes, pacing, digital enhancements, and music to create a professional video production. Opening titles, text and logos are artfully integrated into the video. Custom music is added as needed with true non-linear digital editing. Customizable sound tracks from a large selection of copyright-released music, each editable by the measure, are incorporated using SmartSound’s SonicFire Pro. Soundtracks are crafted to the specific needs of the project.

Digital editing is done in Adobe Premiere, producing a polished video project. Custom audio layering and crafted image processing is used to produce creatively polished videos.

Advantages of using FMM

  • FMM staff helps write the script for videos
  • FMM provides lighting needed on the day of the shoot
  • A mobile Glide-Cam is often used, allowing smooth camera movement options and unique shots
  • Multiple-camera shoots are common
  • Project files easily are exchanged and approved via the Internet
  • Final copies can be delivered as .mpg files or menued DVDs customized for the client
  • DVDs are produced with custom printed DVD faces and, optionally, custom covers or multi-DVD albums
  • Video production includes producing, scripting, shooting, editing, adding music, encoding, and DVD authoring