Search Engine Optimization – SEO Salem Oregon

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Will Increase Traffic to Your Website in Salem Oregon!

We use only ethical and proven methods of optimization to help you increase your search engine ranking and bring more visitors to your website.

SEO Services for:

  • Salem Oregon
  • Keizer Oregon
  • Independence Oregon
  • Monmouth Oregon
  • Dallas Oregon
  • Silverton Oregon
  • Mt Angel Oregon

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes:

  • Customized Meta tags for each page of your website.
  • Customized Heading or Title tags that include your keywords.
  • Customized copy for your pages that include your keyword phrases.
  • Title Tags for your links, images, and directories within your website.
  • SEO friendly sitemap of your website.
  • Optimized text navigation of your website.
  • Optimization of linking within your website.

Drive Traffic to Your Site by Choosing the Right Keywords

Have you selected the right keywords and “keyword phrases” for your website? Choosing the right keyword phrases is crucial to the success of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Salem Oregon.

We do the research to figure out what the most likely keyword phrases are that people in Salem Oregon would use to find your business in the search engines.

We then take those keyword phrases and research the number of times they are searched for and the level of competition associated with each phrase.

Finally, we provide you with a detailed report on which keyword phrases are right for you. Once have determined which keyword phrases are the most relevant for your website, we provide you with a detailed list of things that should be included, removed or optimized on your site.

Website SEOAreas of your website that we focus on include:

  • Website Design
  • Page Architecture
  • Site Navigation
  • File Names
  • HTML Coding
  • Website Content
  • Links

We will also provide you with a report that details where your site currently ranks in the search engines in Salem Oregon for each of your selected keyword phrases.